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Diverse variety of perfumes from TOP BRANDS

Advantage of using oil-based perfume is you can use them as an alternative to commercial perfumes, which contain 70-80% alcohol. Alcohol is a drying agent which evaporates from any porous material{e.g, hair, skin, paper, etc} within a short period of time. The difference between commercial perfumes and oil based perfumes is the latter will last longer! All you need is to do is apply a few drops to your pressure points {wrist,nap of neck, and behind the ears} and prepare yourself for all the attention and compliments that will come your way.

Juanita Green


woman owned Business

1 (718) 282-6830 (No calls after 6pm)

Aishah H from South Jersey says she loves JuanshayExoticFinds fragrances she uses them every day and she does not have to reapply they last all day

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